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Customer Comments


"We have used PRISM Brain Mapping for the past 4 years and it has helped us immensely in maximising our training provision, especially in Sales Management training and Executive Coaching. As a result, we have come to rely on PRISM as part of a very reliable and effective system to add value in these key areas. PRISM is both easy to understand and use, and the profiles and reports generated are in-depth and informative, surprising users by their accuracy. We are extremely impressed with reliability and validity of the overall system.


PRISM is a great resource for line managers, HR specialists and, indeed, anyone interested in developing people, and can really add value to the service that they offer. It does not pigeonhole people by any other singular label, but treats them as the individuals they are and embraces the fact that people behave differently in different circumstances and environments.


I have no hesitation in recommending PRISM to anyone looking for a really effective profiling instrument."


Lynne Plater

Senior Learning and Development Manager
HSBC Bank plc



"I really feel for the first time that we have discovered in PRISM a model of human behaviour that we can readily incorporate into our team and that will lead to improved motivation, performance and results."


Dave Pickup
Customer Business Development Director 
Procter & Gamble




"Working in the field of Learning & Development for some 20 years, I have not come across a more user-friendly, flexible and accurate tool for behavioural assessment, perfectly supported by a team of passionate professionals.

Whether to complement the recruitment process, raise levels of individuals self awareness, appreciate the full behavioural dynamics of complex teams or simply make people aware and respectful the behavioural diversity, PRISM ticks all the boxes."


Terry McIlkenny 
Kleinwort Benson Private Bank





"This is an amazing tool. I wish I had used this when I was heading Goldshield Group Plc. I believe it would have had a major impact on our performance there. There is nothing else like this anywhere on the market."


Ajit Patel
Founder and former Chief Executive
Goldshield Group Plc





"I am hugely impressed by PRISM, it is a profiling tool I know and respect as being very powerful. "


Mark Adams
former CEO
Blue Arrow



"I have been working with PRISM for over 6 years in two totally different businesses, it is quite simply, the most effective and versatile profiling tool I have come across.

In recruitment, one of the most common failings is to mismatch a person to the behavioural requirements of the job. PRISM allows you to avoid that pitfall completely. It is also a powerful tool when coaching individuals, it provides insights for exploration which are not always obvious to the coachee, particularly in the area of un-tapped potential and this has proved really useful for developing talent.

Finally, the ease and speed of use is a major benefit, coupled with the quality of reports and value for money it provides.

I would certainly recommend the use of PRISM to any Business or HR Professional."


Brian Benneyworth
Group Director of HR & Performance




"I have been using PRISM now for over 3 years and I never cease to be amazed at the difference it can make in the here and now. I just love seeing the real impact it can have on individuals and teams. It is visual, easily understandable, memorable and jargon-free."


David Mellor
Viridian Corporate Finance



"PRISM is a highly reliable measurement instrument."


Dr G T Viki
Chartered Psychologist
Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology




"PRISM goes far beyond the MBTI which produces a four-letter "personality type" label for each person. Such an approach runs the real danger of transforming quantitative differences into categorical differences and thus reinforces stereotype attitudes that can block real behavioural change. PRISM is based on the principle that people and their behavioural preferences do change over time and that they adapt their behaviour to cope with the demands of different situations. In my experience PRISM can really bring about a major change in how individuals approach and communicate with others. It has been a tremendous success with people at all levels and I recommend it as an indispensable learning and development tool."


Dr Harold Newquist

Strategic Resourcing and Recruitment Consultant
Delta Consulting






"PRISM is unique! It is head and shoulders above any other means of assessing individual and team behaviour. I have used it with complete confidence in a wide variety of settings from realigning a charity's executive board to minimising the margin of error in employing retail staff. Probably as important as maximising the effectiveness of people is the amount of self awareness they gain from completing a PRISM profile. It is the consummate 21st century profiling tool."


Mike McGraw
Managing Director
Development Initiatives





"PRISM really is the 'Swiss Army Knife' of profiling instruments - one tool, but many uses. It can be used to great effect in most HR functions from recruitment to performance management. PRISM is a must for any business or organisation that genuinely wants to improve its productivity and employee relations. Although it is a powerful, stand-alone tool, it also complements other profiling instruments and enables users to obtain much greater value from them. It provides unique insights into human behaviour in a way that leaves a very positive and lasting impression on those who use it."


Colin Young
HR Director
Oasis Community Learning





"I wanted to come back from this programme feeling different. I feel more than different. This course was life changing."


Shaun Lamb 
Store Manager 
Comet Group plc




"PRISM is helping us transform our performance. We have used this tool for recruiting our people here in India since the inception of our business and we believe it has been a major contributor to our exponential growth. At present we are doubling our staff numbers annually."


Vijay Dalwani
Sanda Wellness
Goa, India




"It is said that no one know you better than yourself.  However, now there is a serious challenger to this notion - PRISM Brain MappingPRISM has been exceptionally accurate in assessing my profile.  I would put accuracy at 99.5%.  It not only helps one realise one's own strengths and weaknesses but also assists in making judgements in one's own capacity with spectacular precision.  I advise everybody who is genuinely interested in knowing himself/herself to undertake PRISM. It truly makes a world of difference." 


Professor Raghavendra
Oriental Institute of Management
University of Mumbai



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